This is by way of a very quick and dirty first front page.

To give you a "feel" for the language, you can look at the html version of the original Windows help file.

The initial package available at SourceForge is not yet producing quite a fully functioning Linux/Cygwin system. The compiler works, but the library is missing a "main".

The original sources put into CVS on SourceForge are those obtained directly from the rather out of date RuleWorks site.

On that site...
The "Source" packages The Intel/Windows package  is the one from which the "start" tagged files here were taken.
The VMS package is identical to the above one, with the exception that the 300K Windows help file has be chopped to 0 bytes, which saves 100K on download
The Linux, et alia, package is uncompressed, has a corrupt version of the Windows help file (wasting 300K of download), and doesn't build properly.
The "Kit" files These are al dubious. I haven't checked whether they work or not. (Again the "tar" packages have not been compressed).
The User Guide
This is somewhat unreadable. I have been working on it and hope to have it available as a package for download as well as online usage here.

There are several bugs and shortcomings of the RuleWorks system that we already know about, which is the whole point behind moving everything here!

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